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Faith Hope & Love exists to provide relief to children in difficult circumstances. Watch this video to learn more about our mission and hope for the future.

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Our Mission

supporting children in crisis

Our Projects

At Faith Hope & Love we provide relief for children that are going through difficult life situations. These are our three different programs that allow us to serve very specific needs of children in our community.

Duffels for Kids


In 2013, we learned that children displaced from their home due to abuse, neglect, or a tragedy were sometimes pulled from dangerous situations with only 5 minutes to gather their belongings. They were often given a black trash bag to collect their things. Our hearts broke over this news so decided to help by offering them comfort and security by supplying them with a brand new duffel bag with personal care and comfort items.



Have a Blast with Law Enforcement. Children with parents who are incarcerated often feel ashamed and vulnerable when visiting their parents and can be difficult for the children when they visit. Sometimes children wait in the lobby of the jail 45 minutes to 2 hours just to see their family member. These bags offer items to help pass the time for children and gives them a chance to interact with law enforcement. Since launching Blast Packs in December 2013, we have given away over 700 bags.

New Beginnings


The fastest growing social justice issue in the United States is human trafficking. It affects more than 300,000 people nationwide and as an industry generates $30 billion annually. We provide bags for children recovered from human trafficking which include items that help with immediate needs as well as their long-term well being.

“I can’t see not having the bags. This is great for the community, great for the women and children in crisis, no matter what; foster care, escaping an unsafe relationship, it’s needed.”

-Olivia Osbourne on Duffels For Kids

photo courtesy ivan barra films


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Faith Hope & Love is Endorsed by Racine County Sheriff Department & Mount Pleasant Police Department