Have A Blast With Law Enforcement

  • Did you know 50% of foster children have at least one parent incarcerated?
  • One day, 373 of 651 inmates are parents; affecting 597 minor children in Racine County.
  • Children wait 45 minutes to two hours before they see their parents
  • BlastPacks – “Have a blast with law enforcement”



Each BlastPack contains:

  • fleece blanket
  • stuffed animal
  • flashlight
  • storybook
  • coloring book/crayons
  • small squishy balls
  • stretchy figures
  • Rubik Cubes
  • puzzles
  • and other fun activities
**The contents are changed up with each new season.



Faith Hope & Love is happy to provide BlastPacks to the following agencies.

Cadillac Police Dept.

The Reason For BlastPacks

Our Hope for The Children

  • Get to Know Law Enforcement

    Our bags give Law Enforcement a chance to interact with children who come to visit their parents that are incarcerated. They have fun activities that give children a chance to have conversations with police officers and help pass the time while they wait for their visit.

  • Have a Positive Experience

    Visiting a parent in jail can be scary and confusing for children. We hope children can have a positive perspective of the people who care for their parents and hope they will understand that police officers are not bad people, they are just doing their job.

  • Pass the Time

    Sometimes children end up waiting way longer than they might expect for a visit. These bags offer books to read, toys to play with, coloring books and other activities to help pass the time for a child.

  • They Would Continue Visits

    We hope children have a great experience and want to continue to make visits with their parents. Most kids bring their BlastPacks with them each time they go for a visit. It is important the children realize how pleasant their visitations with their parents can be.